Parish Councillors

The Parish Council is made up of 9 members and has never had a “contested” election .

Serving Members currently are:

Mr Sean Harrison (Chairman) 

57, Hilton Road, GURNARD PO31 8JBTel: 200848 Email:


Mr Aslam Javaid 

222, Gurnard Pines GURNARD PO31 8RLTel: 240792 Email:




Mrs Marie BugdenGlen View, 19 Cockleton Lane, GURNARD, PO31 8JETel: 296721 Email: Not provided



Mr Paul Fuller (picture to come) 74, Wyatts Lane, NORTHWOOD PO31 8QA Tel: 289595 Email:


Mr Alan Jacobs (no picture)

23, Cockleton Lane, GURNARD, PO31 8JE Tel: 292496


 Mark McNeil

Mr Mark McNeill

36 Castle Road, COWES, PO31 7QZ Tel: 299928


Mr Terry Nolan (No picture)

2, Shore Road, GURNARD PO31 8LB Tel: 298331Email:

Mrs Jane McKean

1, Brooklyn Cottage, Worsley Lane, GURNARD PO31 8JSTel: 240756








Mr Jason Doughty

52 Place Road, COWES PO31 7UB Tel: 07814 732230




Whilst Parish Councillors will always respond to contacts made, please channel all general communication through the Parish Clerk.