Councillor Responsibilities

Councillor Responsibilities
Committees and Working Groups 2016/17
Planning Committee (8) Cllrs Budgen, Fuller, Harrison, Jacobs, Javiad, McKean, Nolan
Cooks Bay Access Working Group Cllr Nolan
Financial Working Group (3) Cllrs Harrison, McNeill and Nolan
Grants Panel (3) Cllrs Budgen, Nolan and McKean
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (3) Cllrs Fuller & Nolan
Open Spaces Working Group (2) Cllrs Fuller & McKean
Personnel Working Group (3) Cllrs Harrison, McKean and Nolan
Outside Agencies
Amey Waste Advisory Group Cllr Bugden
Cowes, Northwood & Gurnard Community Transport Forum Cllr Fuller
IWALC (2) Cllr Fuller
May Queen Committee Vacant
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Cllr Bugden
Parish Council Accounts Monitor Cllr Harrison
Tree Warden Cllr Nolan
Village Hall Association  (2) Cllrs McKean and Jacobs
Youth Issues Cllr McKean
Areas of Responsibility
Environment & Ecology Cllr Bugden
Highways & Transportation Cllr Fuller
Governance & Finance Cllr Harrison
Human Resources& Community Engagement Cllr McKean
IT & Communication Cllr Harrison
Planning Cllr Fuller
Standards & Code of Conduct Cllr Harrison
Toilets Cllr Fuller