Councillor Responsibilities

Councillor Responsibilities
Committees and Working Groups 2019/20
Planning Committee (9) All councillors
Toilet Committee (7)

Cllrs Nolan, Laurens, Bugden,

Jacobs, Williams, Clayton and Wood

Cooks Bay Access Working Group (2) Cllrs Nolan and Laurens
Financial Working Group (3) Cllrs Fuller , Bugden and Nolan
Grants Panel (3) Cllrs Budgen, Nolan and Laurens
Designation of Local Green Space Working Group (3) Cllrs Nolan, Bugden and Laurens
Old School Meadow Working Group (4) Cllrs Budgen, Nolan, Laurens and Wood
Personnel Working Group (3) Cllrs Laurens, Nolan and Fuller
Outside Bodies
Amey Waste Advisory Group Cllr Wood
Cowes, Northwood & Gurnard Community Transport Forum Cllr Fuller
IWALC Cllr Fuller
May Queen Committee N/A
IWC Town and Parish Council Seminars Cllr Fuller
Village Hall Association Cllr Jacobs
PACT (Partners/police and communities together) Cllr Bugden
Environment & Sustainability Forum Cllr Wood
Cowes Mobility Forum Vacancy
Roles and Responsibilities
Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator Cllr Wood
Parish Council Accounts Monitor Cllr Nolan
Tree Warden Cllr Nolan
Age Friendly Champion Vacancy

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