Gurnard News entry November 2018

At the October meeting of the Parish Council the main topics discussed were:


PSCO Derek Howard was unable to attend the meeting but provided a written report. There were two reported crimes in September this year compared to none for the same period last year.


Notes, reports and minutes from the various meetings attended by Councillors were received and noted. Councillor Fuller’s report was updated advising that he will be holding a surgery for residents at Gurnard Pines on Thursday 15 November 2018 from 2pm to 4pm in the Gurnard Pines café.

The first meeting of the Toilets Working Party was held. Councillors are considering several different options for the refurbishment of the block and quotations for those are being obtained. Dependant on the final option chosen, additional funds will be required. Some funding has been set aside in this year’s budget plus there are funds available in the Parish Council reserves. If an extensive refurbishment is considered, it may be necessary to increase the precept for 2019/20 to accommodate this option. Please let the clerk know your thoughts on this.


Unfortunately, the Friends of Cockleton Meadow committee has been disbanded and control of the site has been taken back by the Parish Council who will set up a working party to manage the site until new volunteers can be recruited. Please let the clerk know if you are interested in joining this new committee.


In conjunction with All Saints Church, the Parish Council set aside funds this year to pay towards additional activities for this event. The Art group who meet at the village hall are holding an exhibition to commemorate the event from 12 noon to 3pm. The village will be “yarn bombed” with poppies along the route of the parade, from the Scout Hut to the church, which will also include veterans and currently serving uniformed personnel. It is hoped to provide a drummer to lead the parade this year. Two silhouettes, to represent those who did not return to Gurnard after the war, have been obtained and will sit in the seats in the church. 200 copies of a commemoration leaflet have been purchased and will be handed out at the church service at 3pm on 11 November 2018. A brazier will be lit at dusk on the Green after the service as a final tribute to all those who served. This is a very important event for the village and all are welcome to attend.


The next full Parish Council meeting will be at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 14 November 2018.  Residents are welcome to attend all meetings, which are usually held at the Gurnard Village Hall, Westbrook Lane. Please check the Parish notice board and/or the Parish Council’s website for meeting confirmation and the agendas –


If you have any queries or questions that you feel that the Parish Council could help with, please contact the Parish Clerk: Mrs. Sue Waters, telephone 07443 656480 or email: